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EVI support on MSR1000/2000/3000/4000?

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EVI support on MSR1000/2000/3000/4000?



I was looking for EVI (Ethernet virtual interconnection). (Well I´m actually searching for a DCI solution over IP network) Besides the HP 12500 switching series I found the datasheet for the H3C MSR5600 router which seems to be the HP MSR4000:


Translating the parts containing "EVI" with google translation ist says: "Supports Ethernet virtual interconnection (EVI) technology to complete the data center floor interconnection requirements. EVI networking solutions for simple, low cost, only edge of the site Department one or more support EVI-enabled devices, and enterprise networks and service provider networks need to make any changes; Meanwhile, EVI solution also provides data Combination of IPsec encryption technology solutions to improve the security of the data center data transmission over public networks"


I actually cannot find any documentation for EVI configuration for those routers. So I´m asking myself whether it is supported all? Does anyone know more?