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Edited: Need simple STP (not STP because of VLANs) configuration for ring network design

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Edited: Need simple STP (not STP because of VLANs) configuration for ring network design

I'm newbiew about STP or other RSTP, MSTP. Until today my way how to avvoid loops was physical unplug/plug or enable/disable ports. But this is pain in ass when "happen THAT" - lost/offline one of network devices.

I'm start reading about STP. But after "need enable on all switches with identical ..." I'm stuck.

Network schematic create circle, in place are some buildings and in every building has a one primary transport switch.
Each switch has some switches under them (only HPE or some noname unmannaged) and endpoint users, but for my primary question it doesn't matter. Important is that under two of switches are servers rooms and that need to be accessed for users in "one switch emergency" situation.

I have switches from two manufacturers.
- HPE 1920
- Extreme Networks x350 with some year old image (12.6.2-10 to be precise) because of expired support

For now "network circle" is open, because of loop problem (see pict).

simple L2

What is simplest or recomended way to close "circle" and not to get excited for all network if someone of switches/building is going down?


Added: read more about STP and understand, that it work only on L2. I use VLANs between all these switches and therefore I need newest solution for my circle/ring network.


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Re: Need simple STP configuration

Additional information - all my interesting network switches service only private IP subnets, maybe it can help.

What IF I replace all my ExtremeNetworks switches with HPE1920, then I got all identical switches and case to became more easiest, correct? What then steps I need to do to apply STP?


Re: Need simple STP configuration

Hello Mocha,

Please refer below video link from youtube helping you STP configuration.

I am an HPE Employee

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