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First VLAN

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First VLAN

Please go easy on me. I am setting up my first VLAN and I would prefer not to take a production network down in the process.

I have a vendor that needs access to their switch that is in the middle of a network its 4 switches between the firewall and their switch. I do not want to give them full access to the network, instead I set a secondary interface on the primary interface of the firewall. The VPN has been setup to only give them access to the secondary interface.

I have mapped the ports on the switches to which one is the uplink to the network and which one goes to the next switch. I would like to configure on the first switch Port 16 (goes to the firewall) and Port 17 that goes to the next switch. I need to use those ports to get to the main network as well as the secondary network. 

Please feel free to ask questions if I was not clear. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: First VLAN

With that setup yet partially done you just should to worry about permitting the VLAN "x" (the one reserved specifically for your Vendor requirements) to flow through all involved Uplinks ending up to the Switch where that VLAN "x" is used for Switch management purposes.

On Port 16 of the first Switch of your "chain" (the port that is facing the Firewall and that is logically connected to the secondary Firewall interface, the one defined for VLAN "x") you just need to figure out if it needs to be VLAN "x" Tagged or Untagged and this depends on how that VLAN "x" secondary interface is configured on that Firewall physical port (I suppose the LAN Firewall port).