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H.P 2620 routing issue


H.P 2620 routing issue



I am new to H.P and facing a strange issue with my H.P 2620 switch, that is used as a L3 switch temporarily. I have 5 VLANs on the switch. I can ping from one subnet to another. But on one particular subnet the ARP entries do not show all the IP address for all L3 devices, however I can see the MAC address for the same devices. The issue is, when I try to ping from my computer that is connected in a differenet subnet, I cannot ping, at the same time I can ping the same device from the switch. Immediately after pinging from the switch, I can ping from the other devices.

I tried a tracert from my computer, I see it takes the default route for all IP address that is not listed in the switch ARP table. I am new with H.P configuration and need some assistance around the same. Below is my IP route table when is the gateway IP for all VLANs.


IP Route Entries

Destination Gateway VLAN Type Sub-Type Metric Dist.
------------------ --------------- ---- --------- ---------- ---------- ----- 10 static 1 1 reject static 0 0 lo0 connected 1 0 ops 50 connected 1 0 city 60 connected 1 0 uplink 10 connected 1 0 DEFAULT_VLAN 1 connected 1 0 server 80 connected 1 0

Please advise on the things that I should be looking for.




Re: H.P 2620 routing issue

Is IP routing enabled? can you post the show run config