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HP 2530 switch (J9776A) UDLD

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HP 2530 switch (J9776A) UDLD

Hi all, I'm a little issue with the UDLD (Uni-Directional Link Detection) protocol on the HP 2530 switch.

I have two switch HP2530 with 2 SFP optical ports configured in Trunk mode and protocol UDLD enable on these ports.

These ports are connected with separate radiolinks in order to transmit the signals from local site to remote site, sometimes when swich on-off radiolinks the UDLD protocol seem not works correctly and the results of the command "show link-keepalive" return phisical status up  and keepalive failure on both ports and in this condition the traffic does not pass.

If disconnect and reconnect ethernet cables on the ports the UDLD starts working again.....

If I repeat the same test using copper ports instead of opticals the sistem seem works.

Anyone have an idea to fix?



Re: HP 2530 switch (J9776A) UDLD

Hello Mirco-ek

Have you checked what is the status of udld keep alive statistics & status during the issue with fiber connected. Please also refer udld configuration from below link. 

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Re: HP 2530 switch (J9776A) UDLD

@network_king Thank you very much for replay, I think there is a issue in the ULDL protocol or, I haven't understood how the protocol works.

When I check the link-keepalive status by CLI command, I see this situation:


Please pay attention to the ports 27-28 on both site, There are ports 28 down at both site  due to the radiolink connected to these ports is off,  my question is why there is port 27 UP on site A and port 27 failure on site B? In this case the radiolink connected to these ports is ON.

If I disconnect and reconnect fiber to port in failure the system works correctly....