LAN Routing

HP 2920 Stack VLAN to Watchguard Firewall


HP 2920 Stack VLAN to Watchguard Firewall

I am trying to setup a couple of segregated VLAN's on my HP 2920 Stack. The VLANS are for my WAN links to come in and spilt of to a Cluster of Watchguard Firewalls. The problem I am having though is I can see traffic from my default VLAN coming across the two new ones I have set up.

IE: The ISP WAN link comes in and connects to Port 22 on the HP Switch. I have setup a VLAN (ID 20) and Tagged Ports 1/22-1/24. Port 23 and 24 are connected to each of the Watchguards Firewalls.

The issue we are having though is this VLAN does not seem to be segregated from the Default and we can see network traffic passing though these ports. Do we need to have a separate IP address for the VLAN? Do we need to create VLANS on the Watchguard Firewall as well?

vlan 1
   name "DEFAULT_VLAN"
   no untagged 2/10,3/4,3/40-3/41
   untagged 1/1-1/19,1/21-1/24,1/A1-1/A2,1/B1-1/B2,2/1-2/9,2/11-2/24,2/A1-2/A2,2/B1-2/B2,3/1-3/3,3/5-3/39,3/42-3/46,3/48,3/A1-3/A2,3/B1-3/B2,4/1-4/48,4/A1-4/A2,4/B1-4/B2,Trk10,Trk14
   ip address

vlan 20
   name "ISP1"
   tagged 1/22-1/24
   no ip address
vlan 25
   name "ISP2"
   tagged 2/22-2/24
   no ip address

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks