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HP 5900 - Configure as router

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HP 5900 - Configure as router

Hi, I have an HP 5900 that I need to configure to work as a router between 2 subnet.

My situation:

1 Switch (not the HP 5900) that is the real gateway. IP:

My network is on

I need to route all traffic from through the

I have configured 2 VLAN:

VLAN A: on port where the gateway switch is connected

VLAN B: on ports where my devices are connected

I've set on my devices IP from subnet and as gateway.

But it's not working, device is reaching VLAN A but not

I've tryed also to create a static default route but still not working.

What am I missing?




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Re: HP 5900 - Configure as router


no one can help me?

I'm still reading documentation and doings test, but it still not working.

Here another schema to try to explain well:

DEVICE A: connected to switch on VLAN 10 port - IP Address

ROUTER: connected to switch on VLAN 10 port - IP Address

VLAN 10: IP address on ports 1-5 (all ports type access)

VLAN 20: IP address on ports 6-10 (all ports type access)

Switch default static route


Test 1: if I connect a device on VLAN 10 port and set an IP with gateway, all works,

I can ping the Switch IP, the Router IP, device A IP and go to internet (through the router). So it seems that static routes are ok.

Test 2: if I connect a device on VLAN 20 port and set an IP with gateway:,

I can ping the VLAN 10 IP, the VLAN 20 IP, but not the Router IP or the Device A IP.

What am I doing wrong?



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Re: HP 5900 - Configure as router


I'm fairly new to these switches and I'm in a similar situation.   Right now, we're just trying to get the gigabit ports to provide an IP address to any ethernet cable plugged into it.

Anyway, what about trying to set a static route, like this?

ip route-static

I'm trying to play this by memory, so it's a bit hard.   I have to wait until my wife gets home from work, before I can go down to the basement and play around with it and see what commands I used to access the other networks.

Out of curiosity, do you know if the switch actually hands out the IP addresses for the clients?   I see there's a dhcp server built in.   But I wasn't sure if that was the job for the switch or the router.   Trying to get a better understanding of how this works.

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Re: HP 5900 - Configure as router

Hi, solved!

The switch was configured correctly,

but if your switch has a default route to an external gateway, you need to create a route policy on that gateway to tell that all traffic to your internal networks must be redirected to the switch.

Example: all traffic to 192.168.20..0/24 to gateway