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HPE-1950 Uplink Interface Failure Automatic swap

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HPE-1950 Uplink Interface Failure Automatic swap

Hi! I am new in this forum.

I must say that I am not an expert in managed switches but not a beginner. So I need your expert help on this subject.

I have a question in regards to the HPE-1950-48G manage switch and uplink interface failure. I once was on a project and this IT person programmed a function that I would like to know how it was done. I must say, the switches were not HP. The function is like so: When a `Primary` Uplink failed on a switch, the switch automatically swapped to the other `Secondary` uplink. And when the Primary uplink came back to life, the switch automatically swapped it back to its primary uplink. It is very similar to a redundancy (Primary/Secondary) used on Servers but on switches Uplink interfaces. I do not know if the person was using a macro or other batch file.

First: Can HP-1950-48G do this?

Second: If yes, How?


Thank you all and kind regards

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Re: HPE-1950 Uplink Interface Failure Automatic swap

Probably the magic word here ('s a feature) could be "Smart Link" (link redundancy + very fast reconvergence time < 100ms, see here)...for sure it was discussed in the Community in the past and, recently, as long as I recall, I discussed about it in a thread here which was related to a very similar request (primary uplink active and secondary uplink as standby *but* the primary link was a LAG and not just a single physical link as in your simpler case).

The whole discussion was centered on ProVision (ArubaOS-Switch) based switches and not on Comware ones...Comware based switches, as your one, should IMHO be able to provide the same's a matter of looking for it into official HPE documentation and understand if that feature can be implemented easily (without involving configuration on switches other than the one that generates the Smart Link itself).

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Re: HPE-1950 Uplink Interface Failure Automatic swap

Very good information! I will proceed with reading more on the SmartLink. Thank you so much