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How to config MSR 20-20 router ?

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How to config MSR 20-20 router ?

Hi,I'm follow the manual to config the MSR 20-20 for web-based management function , but fail browser the router ,even fail to telnet the router.Does anyone help me ? thanks a lot!!

My router configuration as bellow:

version 5.20, Release 1509, Standard

sysname H3C

super password level 3 simple admin

domain default enable system

vlan 1

domain system

access-limit disable

state active

idle-cut disable

self-service-url disable

local-user admin

password simple admin

service-type telnet

level 3

interface Aux0

async mode flow

link-protocol ppp

interface Ethernet0/0

port link-mode route

duplex full

ip address

interface Ethernet0/1

port link-mode route

interface Serial1/0

link-protocol ppp

interface NULL0

user-interface con 0

user-interface aux 0

user-interface vty 0 4