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I need help with 3CR858-91

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I need help with 3CR858-91

I have problem: OfficeConnect Cable/DSL router 3cr858-91 categorically not willing to fulfill its functions. In router - NAT is ON, firewall is OFF (for is no longer necessary), Port Forwarding is ON (of 6 Rules), included DHCP server (sometimes have involved the cable side machines), DynDNS is ON. Firmware ver. 1.13, the latest available on the site 3Com. In LAN total 6 computers and point of access, all customers are included in a switch, there is and router! (i.e. In router is used only one port LAN). ?? actively use torrent 2 machines and the rest are surfing secondary activity, sometimes downloading small files.

These start is connected normally, routed WAN <-> LAN. After a while (from a few minutes to hours), to be "freeze", at this moment down from LAN web-based interface, not router can. LED Wan actively blinking, indicator LAN blinking rarely, in tact with indicators for switch. LED "!" not Burns at all. Sometimes, independently resumes work in a few minutes, sometimes helps only dumping on nutrition. Most frequently helps disconnection CABLE ON WAN-interface for 10-30 seconds. These all starts up and is working to next hangs. With the provider's all. Any router (taken hired for diagnostics) has served a few days without complaints. I testing all firmware also until 1.08-All only worse.

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Re: I need help with 3CR858-91

I have same issues

issue still not resolved, now router seems to lock up and random


i have same issues as other posts. 3com, please respond as a dealer i

am getting increasingly unhappy with lack of response to support.

Phone support was no help. they wanted me to buy a contract just so i

could report these bugs.

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