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IGMP Snooping / MC Filtering on HP 1920


IGMP Snooping / MC Filtering on HP 1920


I have some issues with a HP 1920 Switch.

I have configured the switch for IGMP snooping. This seems to basically work as the switch now shows joined MC groups in the "Show Entries" table.

However, when I look at the port statistics I see that the switch somehow ignores IGMP snooping and forwards/floodes all MC traffic supplied from a TVoIP source on one ingress port to all ports where a device is connected.

This is exactly what should NOT happen.

btw.: I did the exact same thing with other switches like Cisco SG300 and it works fine with these.

Any ideas?




Re: IGMP Snooping / MC Filtering on HP 1920

Hi McLion,

Were you able to solve this problem? I have the same since last year and HP support told me that due limitations hardware this can be fixed on this model.

We used to use HP 1910 with Gigabit ethernet ports and this worked perfectly but after they where discontinued HP offered us this model as a replacement but it don't work for us if floods the MC on all it's ports.


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Re: IGMP Snooping / MC Filtering on HP 1920

Im having the exact same problem, Multicasts gets flooded everywhere, igmp snooping seems to be broken af and hpe support wasnt helpful at all.


Re: IGMP Snooping / MC Filtering on HP 1920

The issue could not be solved and I returned the 1920 - this switch is useless.

I had a case with HPE support and after about a dozen tries of the support engineers including escalating to L3 I simply stoped receiving any further notice on the case. I received CLI commands that the 1920 did not know and more ... the support engineers seem to have no clue of this switch.

Fincal conclusion: Switch unuseable, HPE support unuseable/helpless -> return HP device and go back to Cisco.

Since that essay, we simply use and also recommend to our customers to not use HP network equipment.