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IP route not working

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IP route not working

We have a cisco 3560 (our broadband connection via local authority).
I have various VLANs setup all going out to the internet via the default route ip route on port 2 on the 3560. I have no access to the config onn this 3560

 Now on port 3 my local authority have provided ip address (for transparent proxy) and told me to use on my switch (5406zl)

I have setup VLAN 8 with (which is the link to port3)

I have also setup VLAN 100 with another IP range /22
So now I want anything on the /22 range to route out via VLAN 8
Portions of the show run below which shows the new ip route

ip route
ip route
vlan 8
name "TX-Link"
untagged F20
tagged B21-B22,C1-C7,Trk1
ip address
vlan 100
name "TxProxy"
untagged F19
tagged B21-B22,C1-C7,Trk1
ip address
ip helper-address

This doesn’t seem to work.
If I do a ‘show ip route static’ I get the below, no new ip route. The command I used to add the new route was ip route
I have done a write mem command

Destination Gateway VLAN Type Sub-Type Metric Dist.
------------------ --------------- ---- --------- ---------- ---------- ----- 10 static 1 1 reject static 0 0


From my client PC with ip address I can ping no packet loss. If I ping I get Reply From Destination Host Unreachable with 0% loss

From my 5406 if I ping I get 'Request timed out'

If I connect direct to port 3 on the 3560 and give my laptop with the DG as I can get out on the internet

Am I being a complete plank? Does the switch need a reboot for the rout to take effect?

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Re: IP route not working

Yes, you're being a plank: IP routing commands mean:
ip route <destination> <target>


What you've tried to do is:

ip route <source subnet> <target>

The switch doesn't interpret it the way you are thinking of it...


What you want is eomething like:


class ipv4 Source_Subnet_144
  match ip any
policy pbr Route_Subnet_144
  class ipv4 Source_Subnet_144
    action ip next-hop
vlan 100
  service-policy Route_Subnet_144 in