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Inter-LAN QoS with HP and Cisco

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Inter-LAN QoS with HP and Cisco

Hi everybody,

I'm trying to do QoS on a link for priorize voice and because I sucks to speak bad english, I will show you my problem on a schema.

Link to schema here : Visio QoS HP with Cisco
And here is the HP5120 switch configuration (Comware 5), I can give you Cisco configuration but it's same idea.

acl number 3001 name ACL_VOIP
rule 0 permit tcp destination-port range 5060 5061
rule 5 permit udp destination-port range 5060 5061
rule 10 permit tcp destination-port range 16384 32000
acl number 3002 name ACL_DATA1
rule 0 permit tcp destination-port eq www
traffic classifier VOIP operator and
if-match customer-vlan-id 1000
if-match acl name ACL_VOIP
traffic classifier DATA1 operator and
if-match customer-vlan-id 100
if-match acl name ACL_DATA1
traffic behavior QUEUE_VOIP
remark dscp ef
car cir 15040 cbs 4992 ebs 4000 green pass red remark-dscp-pass af31 yellow pass
traffic behavior QUEUE_DATA1
remark dscp af31
car cir 30016 cbs 1876000 ebs 4000 pir 35008 green pass red discard yellow pass
### For DATA1, I want 0 burst but 0 cbs is impossible
qos policy LLQ

classifier VOIP behavior QUEUE_VOIP
classifier DATA1 behavior QUEUE_DATA1

interface GigabitEthernet1/0/20
port access vlan 220
speed 100
duplex full
qos gts queue 1 cir 100032
qos apply policy LLQ
### I have some error for both commands.
qos vlan-policy QUEUE_VOIP vlan 1000 inbound

I have some error like this when i try to apply configuration :
[HP]qos vlan-policy LLQ vlan 1000 inbound
%Sept 07 12:41:05:258 2000 HP QOS/4/QOS_POLICY_APPLYVLAN_CBFAIL: Classifier-behavior VOIP in policy LLQ applied on vlan 1000 failed.
Reason: Behavior conflicts with other user-configured or system-configured actions.

On which interface should I apply this configuration? Physical ? VLAN ? Mixed ?
Is this the right way to be efficient ?
What other method is there to manage congestion on a link and prioritize a voice stream ?

I used some HP documentations but I think I am on complete muddle.

Thanks for your help ! :)

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Re: Inter-LAN QoS with HP and Cisco


Instead of using port numbers why don t use the ip address in the ACL.

1.Create the ACL of specific Source and destination.

2.Add the ACL under qos behaviour

3.apply it on either outbound Cisco device connected trunk links or apply it on specific vlan. 

4. On unpstream device make it trust till the destination device.





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Re: Inter-LAN QoS with HP and Cisco

Hi, thanks for your response.

It's not routers, it's a link Layer 2 between Switchs.
ACL Port or IP, it's not my current problem because I am unable to apply any QoS on physical interface or vlan interface.
I guess some commands can not pass on Switch to make outbound QoS.

Did you mean something else i don't understood?