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Inter VLAN Routing with HP E5412zl Switch

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Inter VLAN Routing with HP E5412zl Switch


I have recently been asked to setup an MPLS link to our internal network. To this end, the MPLS switch was configured and plugged into our HP E5412zl switch on our LAN. Prior to the connection, I configured a VLAN 99 on the HP E5412zl, added an IP address to it, and then added the port J1 to the VLAN. This is the port which plugs into the MPLS switch. On the other hand, the port on the MPLS switch is assigned an IP address

Additionally, I have configured a static route to our other site on the HP switch as follows:

ip route

Therefore, from the HP switch, I can ping the MPLS switch interface and I can also ping our other site on without problems. However, from my PC, I am unable to ping either the MPLS switch interface or the HP Switch interface on

It is important to state that the PC resides within VLAN 1 on the HP switch and the VLAN 1 interface has the IP address

A quick check shows that the default gateway on the PC is set to, this is a Microsoft ISA Server that provides access to the internet. It sits between our network and the firewall. The ISA server is the default gateway for all devices on our network including the HP switch.  So, as a test, I changed the default gateway on the PC to the IP address of VLAN 1 interface ( and I could ping the MPLS interfaces, including our MPLS site

However, this solution isn't practical for us as it means I would have to change the default gateway address on all our devices on VLAN 1; which is disruptive. Therefore, my question is can I get around this problem by adding some static routes on the HP switch?

Below is a running config from my HP switch.

Thanks in anticipation for your help.

HP-E5412zl(config)# sh run

Running configuration:

; J8698A Configuration Editor; Created on release #K.15.17.0007
; Ver #08:02.ff.f7.fc.7f.ff.3f.ef:ae
hostname "HP-E5412zl"
module 1 type j8705a
module 2 type j9538a
module 3 type j8702a
module 4 type j8705a
module 5 type j8702a
module 6 type j8705a
module 7 type j8702a
module 8 type j8705a
module 10 type j8702a
module 12 type j8702a
trunk D21-D22,D24,H21 trk1 trunk
trunk A23,F23 trk2 trunk
trunk J23-J24 trk4 trunk
trunk J21-J22 trk5 trunk
ip default-gateway
no ip ssh
ip route

vlan 1
   name "DEFAULT_VLAN"
   no untagged A1,A4,B1,G1-G3,H9,J1,L1-L20,L23-L24
   tagged A24,B3,B5,H22,H24
   ip address
   ip address
   ip igmp
   qos priority 7
   forbid B1
vlan 2
   name "Admin"
   untagged A1,A4,H9
   tagged A2,A22,A24,B2,B4-B5,F22,F24,H22-H23,Trk2
   no ip address
   qos priority 6
   forbid C1-C23,E3-E20,F1-F18,G1-G2,G7,G10-G24
vlan 3
   name "Pix"
   untagged G1-G3
   no ip address
vlan 4
   name "Sect"
   untagged B1,H22,L1-L20,L23-L24
   tagged A24,B3,B5,F24,H24,Trk2
   no ip address
vlan 99
   name "MPLS_Link"
   untagged J1
   ip address

HP-E5412zl(config)# show ip

 Internet (IP) Service

  IP Routing : Enabled

  Default TTL     : 64
  Arp Age         : 20
  Domain Suffix   :
  DNS server      :

                       |                                            Proxy ARP
  VLAN                 | IP Config  IP Address      Subnet Mask     Std  Local
  -------------------- + ---------- --------------- --------------- ----------
  DEFAULT_VLAN         | Manual    No    No
                       | Manual
  Admin                | Disabled
  Pix      | Disabled
  Sect              | Disabled
  MPLS_Link            | Manual  No    No

HP-E5412zl(config)# show ip route

                                      IP Route Entries

  Destination        Gateway         VLAN Type      Sub-Type   Metric     Dist.
  ------------------ --------------- ---- --------- ---------- ---------- -----    99   static               1          1     DEFAULT_VLAN    1    connected            1          0        reject               static               0          0       lo0                  connected            1          0     DEFAULT_VLAN    1    connected            1          0    MPLS_Link       99   connected            1          0

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Re: Inter VLAN Routing with HP E5412zl Switch

No, static routes on the HP switch will have no effect because the PCs are using the ISA server as their router, not the HP switch.

The correct configuration is to put the VLAN1 default gateway on the HP switch. Just change the Option 03 "router" in DHCP, and make sure the HP switch has a route pointing at the ISA server.