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LAN Routing
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Inter Vlan routing is not working in 2610-24

Inter Vlan routing is not working in 2610-24

I had posted this yesterday in switching. I feel this belongs to routing and hence posting the same here:




I have a 2610-24 L2+ switch in which I have configured 3 Vlans


Default-Vlan : Vlan 1 - IP add which has port no 1 and 4-6 as untagged

VLAN 2    :       Test VLAN - IP add which has port number 2 and 7-9 as untagged

VLAN 3    : Demo VLAN - IP add which has port no 3 and 10-13 as untagged

I have also executed IP Routing command.


Now following PCs are connected:

PC1 : Gateway : connected to eth 1

PC2 : Gateway connected to eth 2

PC3 : Gateway connected to eth 3


All PCs are able to ping their own gateway IP (and any PC in the same network connected to their VLAN Group ports). They are also able to ping the other VLAN gateway IPs. But that is about it. They are not able to ping or access other VLAN PCs.

Ex: PC1 pings and & But not PC2 or PC3.


Can some one suggest where I have to correct the configuration please?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Inter Vlan routing is not working in 2610-24

Hi Venkatramani,


My first guess is that your PCs are not using the switch as their default gateway.  But to confirm, a copy of your switch config ('show run') and your routing table ('show ip route') would be good.

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Re: Inter Vlan routing is not working in 2610-24

Are the firewalls of the pc disable?


Re: Inter Vlan routing is not working in 2610-24

Thanks for your suggestion. HP support team helped online and found everything to be correct. Still there were issues. I did a factory restore and reconfigured. After that it started working.
Thanks for the support.