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InterVlan routing on A5120-24G EI

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InterVlan routing on A5120-24G EI

Hello. I am having some issues with routing between Vlans on a the A5120 Switch. I have 4 Vlans set up 1 is the default and the others are vlan 2-4. The Vlan interface on 2 is on 3 its and 4 is All ports in the respective vlans are set up as access ports but I am not able to ping hosts between vlans. All the devices can ping the vlan interfaces which are the gateways of each vlan but I cant ping the device. Example. Host on Vlan 2 cant ping host on vlan3 and vice versa. What could i be missing?

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Re: InterVlan routing on A5120-24G EI

Could you post the conf here ?



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Re: InterVlan routing on A5120-24G EI

Perhaps you need to enable ip routing ?


I do not think you actually have to on higher levels switches, but It might be different ?


Did you try to displace the ip routing table on the device ?


And as mentioned, config would be good.


Potentially, it could be a subnet mask issue as well.