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Last firmware for 3CR858-91

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Last firmware for 3CR858-91

What last wearing for the given router?

On an official site - version 1.13

And by reference URL - 1.14.

If is 1.14 prompt the link for downloading.

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Re: Last firmware for 3CR858-91

We really need a working Firmware please post 1.14

issue still not resolved, now router seems to lock up and random


i have same issues as other posts. 3com, please respond as a dealer i

am getting increasingly unhappy with lack of response to support.

Phone support was no help. they wanted me to buy a contract just so i

could report these bugs.

related topic seems to be relevant:

Firmware 1.13

dead peer issues

Where do we get newest firmware?

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Re: Last firmware for 3CR858-91

Hi there,

In reply to a support case I had on this router, I was told that 1.15 will soon be on the web and that it will resolve a lot of issues.

Let's hope this is to happen very soon :-)

The Tech Man Has Spoken....

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The Tech Man Has Spoken....
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Re: Last firmware for 3CR858-91

not soon enough.... lol everyday my router crashes and causes us lots of

issues these days. 3Com has a way of making you feel very un-special if

you are not paying for a service contract. which is sad considering i sell

3com small business gear through Ingram Micro.