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Layer 3 InterVLAN routing problem

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Layer 3 InterVLAN routing problem

We've had to change MPLS providers, with a resulting routing change that isn't quite working; I'm hoping someone can check my work and tell me if i'm over looking something.

OLD provider: they gave us Ethernet handoff at both HQ and remote site out of their infrastructure equipment, and I configured the IP addressing and routing. 

HQ:, layer 3 switch at (default gateway for all traffic), interface to MPLS as; switch has config "IP ROUTE" for traffic going to Remote site.

Remote site:, HP 2610-24 PWR layer 3 switch.  PCs on and phones on  Layer 3 switch with two VLANs: VLAN40 ( and VLAN41 (  Those addresses are default gateway for local LANs.  Interface to MPLS at  "IP ROUTE" sends all traffic back to HQ.

Worked like a charm.

New provider puts a router at both sites.  HQ is and is now HQs default route; remote is and is the default route for remote site.  Provider handles MPLS routing in "black box, just trust us" fashion.  So, I told them that everything supposed to go to supernet should go to their router at my remote site, and I'll distribute it further with my layer 3 switch (because once the traffic get there, it has the interVLAN routing in place).

Everybody says that should work, however, only the LAN is accessible; is not.  I've temporarily kept the traffic on my old MPLS so the phones work and have opened a ticket with new provider; I suspect there is a route missing somewhere in their black box.  However, if what I've laid out as basic infrastructure makes sense to anyone, can you tell me if I'm missing anything? 


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Re: Layer 3 InterVLAN routing problem

Figured it out.  The problem wasn't on my router, but on the provider's router.  They had to put in a route like so:


so that traffic bound for VLAN41, once it reached their router, knew it had one more hop before it got there.