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MSR 1003-8 security TLS out of date?

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MSR 1003-8 security TLS out of date?

Checking the documentation I found that the MSR 1003-8 supports SSL3.0/TLS1.0

When I loaded a SSL certificate and associated this with the https for login through a browser, I found I could no longer connect. It appears that the browsers have all deprecated TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1

We have 10 MSR1003-8 and would appreciate a firmware update to TLS 1.3 asap.

Does anyone know of an update that we're missing? We have the latest firmware installed (it is three or more years old now!)


Re: MSR 1003-8 security TLS out of date?

Hi @JasonRoy 

I doubt if this router which is running Comware 5 supports TLS 1.3 currently as there is nothing documented in the latest release notes.

Check if your browser is backward compatible and try using TLSv1.2

Note: If you are planning to go with TLS1.2 there is a know bug (Below) that is reslvoved in R2317

BUG ID: RTD065659

Symptom: The router can't establish the TLS connection with TLS 1.2 client.

Condition: None

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Re: MSR 1003-8 security TLS out of date?

Hi, I was told the router is end of life and to get a new router. I've done this now. I also learned a very important lesson. The new router (not HP) has a very poor user interface.