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Management vlan and routing


Management vlan and routing

Hey all.


Added a config as attachment to this post. The config has vlan routing enabled, between diffrent vlans. And it all works. The problem is that also the management-vlan 1 is routed to the ip route gateway.


I thought the management-vlan was excluded from this ?



Jon Are Endrerud
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Re: Management vlan and routing

There is nothing special about VLAN1 that will keep it out of the switch's routing table.

The subnet you have in VLAN1 will operate just like the subnets on any other VLAN.

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Re: Management vlan and routing

Hi Jon,


I tested this on a 2920, running WB.15.16.0004, and it works as expected. I have two vlans, 1 & 2. VLAN 1 is configured as the managment VLAN. Both VLANs have IPs, routing is enabled, and the configured default gateway is in VLAN 2. 


Without the Management VLAN command, the switch routes packets from VLAN 1 to the default gateway in VLAN2. When the command is configured, I get a "Packet Filtered" error when I try to ping something on VLAN 2 or beyond the default gateway.


Maybe try updating the software? It is working as expected for me.