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LAN Routing
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Multicasting help

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Occasional Advisor

Multicasting help

Posted previously under switching. Previous post deleted. Can anyone offer advice?


We have been trying to get multicasting to work without success for over a year. We would like to use it for Microsoft SCCM. We have used 2007 and are currently using 2012.


So his is our setup.


Core switch - From vlan 12, a station will use multicasting correctly, from vlan 18, it fails.

vlan 12 - servers (SCCM Server)

vlan 18 - workstations

ip multicast-routing

vlan 12 - ip pm-dense, ip igmp

vlan 18 - ip pm-dense, ip igmp


We also have 5 secondary switches that are trunked to core.

They simply have 

vlan 12 - ip igmp

vlan 18 - ip igmp


Lastly, there is a management vlan (11) that the switch lives in.


Any idea what we are missing? It seems to be a routing piece since we cannot multicast across vlans. I am also unclear on how to configure the querier.


Re: Multicasting help

>Posted previously under switching.


Was it your old topic from last year:



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Re: Multicasting help

No, but I will mark both as resolved.


When enabling PIM routing, you apparently MUST reboot the switch. I can't find this in the documentation, but this solved our problem. Since this was on our core switch, it had not been rebooted in about 500 days.

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Re: Multicasting help

Hi There,


Have you try to  use  Sparse Mode instead of DM??


Also create the rendezvous point of your multicast environment




Adriano Porcaro