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Multiple Voice VLANS on Multiple Switches

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Multiple Voice VLANS on Multiple Switches

In our environment, there are core/campus switches and a dozen or so edge switches.  We also have 3 different voice vlans. The cores have all three voice vlans configured but the edge switches only have one voice vlan configured based on the physical switch location?  For instance, the core has accounting, tech, and marketing voice vlans configured on it but the switch in the accounting closet only has the accounting voice vlan on it.  The switch in marketing only has the marketing vlan on it and so on. 

Is it best practice to configure every switch with every vlan even if it's multiple voice vlans?  Thanks.

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Re: Multiple Voice VLANS on Multiple Switches

No, that is not best-practice.

The rules with VLANs:

1/ Extend each VLAN on the fewest possible links
2/ Create the minimum possible number of VLANs on each switch.

The textbooks *still* demonstrate VLANs with examples such as "finance", "marketing", "sales", etc...
This is completely wrong.
Originally, VLANs were used for "security", to prevent some hosts from seeing some other hosts or servers, but ever since NT (25 years ago), you don't use VLANs to enforce access policies for resources any more.
VLANs are there to segment your network to make it easier to manage and troubleshoot and to mitigate some risks.
VLANs should be used geographically - networks should be segmented per switch or per wiring closet or per floor or per building, depending on what you are working with.