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Need VLAN Assistance

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Need VLAN Assistance

My ISP assigned me a /28 block of public IP's.  i have made a server VLAN to include my servers for a DR site.  the server VLAN is 10.80.80.x.  I have sonicwalls at each public IP in the block.  in the sonicwall, I can ping all of the 10.80.80.x IP's that are assigned to the various VLAN's.  In one example, the switch (procurve 1840) is at and the server at

I don't know how to route the 10.90.90.x traffic to the VLAN.  I've made a VLAN ID of 69.  I think that needs to happen in routing in the sonicwall.  

However, I don't know if the switch is passing the 10.90.90.x traffic to the sonicwall either.  I'm a newbie at this and would appreciate any assistance.  I'm also using server 2012r2 and have setup NIC teaming and have made a VLAN interface with ID of 69.  The sonicwall also has a VLAN setup with an ID of 69.


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Re: Need VLAN Assistance

Are you saying the 90 .x series and 80 .x Series are in Different Location. if so Whether the sonicwall on each locations is able to ping.?