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Netowrk issues and can't see any traffic

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Netowrk issues and can't see any traffic

I hope someone can help, we have all 5400 switches at our highschool 7 connected by gbic's

about 2 months ago we started getting slow downs on the network. our pings were always less than 1 mil second

but now once school starts we start getting what looks like alot of traffice but we are not seeing any traffic on the switches . but we keep getting timeouts. we would disable the gbic's on the core switch reenable them and eveything will be fine for about 30 min to 45 sometimes longer. I am lost at would could be the problem .

its almost like a faulty switch but we are not seeing any errors .

what is really strange some days we have no isses almost like a gbic is loose and causing errors but if it is I can't find it ...

I think we need to bring in a HP expert... since we can not find any issues

Please Help