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OfficeConnect ADSL attacks

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OfficeConnect ADSL attacks


we have a 3com ADSL wireless 108Mbps 11g Firewall router. Works fine.

In Firewall/SPI, I enabled intrusion detection (spi/hacker pattern/anti-dos firewall) and e-mail alert.

When I the router is attacked, I get >15000 mails in one time in my mailbox ( :( ).

So the questions:

* is it possible to configure the alert so that I receive 1 mail a day, not more? Or to regroup the mails?

* what can I do with this info? The e-mail doesn't hold any info such as IP of attacker, details of attack, and it router is restarted meanwhile logs are cleared.

I could upgrade router firmware, but want to be sure one of this issues would be solved by the firmare update.