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Password on OfficeConnect 3C888 Dual 56K LAN Modem

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Password on OfficeConnect 3C888 Dual 56K LAN Modem

Part number 70-0888-C, Serial Number X1VD4413329 (no room on title line).

According to Solution ID 2.0.36748942.2705105, U can reset the password on this router by pressing and holding the reset button through three cycles of the lights:

1. Unplug all devices and connections from the Lanmodem except for power.

2. Hold in the reset button through 3 "cycles" of the lights. Release button.

3. Wait until power light was on solid and tx flashed occasionally and power down Lanmodem for a 30 count

4. Power it back up, and only power light on solid and tx will flash occasionally, reconnect computer to Lan port 1.Ensure the computer is set up in TCP/IP to obtain it's IP automatically.

5. Run winipcfg and note the IP address on the ethernet adapter and the Gateway

6. Launch Internet Explorer and enter that IP address. It will enter the Lanmodem interface, synchronize the clock with the pc, then asks to set a new password.

I'm running Konqueror on a Linux box, but that shouldn't make any difference, so long as I go to the correct IP address ( After going through this procedure, it rejects my password, as it did before I tried to clear it, instead of prompting for a new one.

I must note that I expected the Alert light to flash for each cycle, but it only flashes upon power up, and upon releasing the reset button. Finally, I am well known for cockpit problems, so there's a chance that I chose the wrong Solution.

Any hints?

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