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Policy-Based Routing or Route-map

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Policy-Based Routing or Route-map

I need to get policy-based routing in our HP ProCurve 8206zl core switch to work, but I do not quite get it.


This is what I would like achieve, all addresses on the network except is going to the default route on, and the lonely poor guy going out on, it is possible to fix in any simple way?

I did try to make a route-map, but nothing happened, guess I have missed something.


ip prefix-list "LUL" seq 5 permit ge 24 le 24


route-map LUL-VID permit 10
match ip address prefix-list LUL
set ip next-hop



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Re: Policy-Based Routing or Route-map

Not route-maps.


Weirdly, Policy-Based Routing (PBR) isn't in the Routing config guide - it's in the ATM.


You need something like:


class ipv4 Lonely
  match ip
policy pbr Route_Lonely
  class ipv4 Lonely
    action ip next-hop
vlan 25
  service-policy Route_Lonely in