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Procurve 2810 & Vyos

David Justin
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Procurve 2810 & Vyos

I have a vyos router that I have setup with a regular setup, then a Vif with Vlan 100 and a Vif with Vlan 200.  I'm trying to get the dhcp server to respond on the correct networks but seem to be having an issue.

my primary dhcp server works fine with all of my ports untagged.

My vyos router is setup for 1 interface for my outside, then 1 interface for my inside with Vif's setup for Vlan 100 & Vlan 200.  I want the following to be true:

vlan 1:  (gateway .1)

vlan 100: (gateway .33)

vlan 200: (gateway .65)

the interface is setup for eth1 (vlan 1), eth1.100 (vlan 100) eth1.200 (vlan 200).

The Vyos router is attached to port 1 on the switch.

I believe I need to tag port 1 for vlan 1, vlan 100, vlan 200 (setup on the switch with id's 100 & 200) and then untag port 2 for 100 and untag port 3 for 200.  That should get me ip's from the dhcp server assigned for 100 and for 200.  But, it doesn't seem to work.  I'm not able to get an ip from the vif dhcp servers nor ping the gateways.  Anyone have any experience with this?