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QinQ VLAN with ISP outer VLAN already added


QinQ VLAN with ISP outer VLAN already added

QinQ VLAN question.

Hello Community. 

We have a 24 port 5820Ggbe switch and we have over 30 locations connected. Here's what I would like to do if possible.

Our Provider gave use a VLAN for each loction that was tagged on a port on our switch which we have to use. 

Each location has an ethernet handoff that gets data services from our datacenter (DHCP, Internet,  routing, IScSI, etc...) running over the VLAN they provided us. it's tagged on our end but the handoff side is untagged.

Here's what we would liek to do:

Run our own VLAN's inside thier Tagged VLAN and we would like similar functions:  (DHCP, Internet, Routing) etc..  The idea we have is to setup QinQ Tunnel with VLANS we specify that will connect to our local switches and give dhcp/internet/routing for our phones, wi-fi etc using the VLANS we specify inside the outer VLAN from the ISP.

1. Is that possible with HPE 5820 switches?

2. Please lead me to the right directions.

So Far here's where i'm at:


Int ten-gig1/0/x

port link-type hybrid

tagged the vlan to the port

qinq enable

qnq transparetn-vlan x  



Please assist.



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