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QoS bandwidth shaping

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QoS bandwidth shaping


I'm trying to apply a QoS policy which reserves a specific amount of bandwith for voice. I'm also trying to tell the gateway that the maximum available bandwidth is 10Mbps and that voice and all other traffic can use each others idle bandwidth. 

This is what I did:

!CAR to tell the router the max is 10Mbps
qos car myCar hierarchi cir 10000

!Next I create 2 classes to specify my voice traffic and all my other traffic
traffic classifier default operator and
if-match any
traffic classifier voice operator or
if-match dscp ef

!In the following behaviors, I specify that voice should have 25% of the available bandwidth and default can have all other
traffic behavior default
car cir 7504 hierarchy-car myCar mode and
traffic behavior voice
car cir 2496 hierarchy-car myCar mode or

!Next, the above is combined into a policy-map
qos policy myPolicy
classifier voice behavior voice
classifier default behavior default

!This policy is then applied to the outbound direction of the WAN interface
interface Gigx/x
qos apply policy myPolicy outbound


!However the classifiers show as 'Failed' in the show command
Interface: GigabitEthernetx/x
Direction: Outbound
Policy: myPolicy
Classifier: voice (Failed)
Hierarchy-car name: myCar, Mode: OR
Classifier: default (Failed)

This all is applied on a 5510
Software Ver : 5510-1120P10
PCB 1 Ver : VER.A
FPGA Ver : 001
BootRom Ver : 123
CPLD 1 Ver : 003

Any suggestions?