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QoS on 3com – 3c17300A – superstack 3 switch 4200

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QoS on 3com – 3c17300A – superstack 3 switch 4200



We are trying to implement Quality of Service on our 3Com Superstack switch however we don't appear to have the options that we are looking for.


The switch appears to be able to set QoS on all ports, I would get into quality of service, profiles, assign but

it would only assign all 26 ports. It would not let me assigned 1:1, or 1:13.


Is this a limitation of the software on the switch (I believe we are on version 3.0.0) - are there any firmware updates available for this (I've checked the web and couldn't find any).


What we are trying to do is prioritize traffic from two ports on the lan for a certain web based application.


Any help would be apprecitated.


Thanks in advance.


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Re: QoS on 3com – 3c17300A – superstack 3 switch 4200

I think there's a 3.05 firmware. Hard to tell the exact version.

Last release notes are from 3.04

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Re: QoS on 3com – 3c17300A – superstack 3 switch 4200

Hello! Do you help me? Give me, please link to download latest firmware (3.05 or other) fo 3com 4200 26-port 3C17300A. Thanks!

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