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Redundant route to separate edge routers.

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Redundant route to separate edge routers.

I have a 5400R acting as my core switch.  All of my devices at this location are using it as their default route. 

I have two edge routers attached to it each going to sepreate ISPs.

Each edge routers has a static route:

Primary Edge Router

    route: 208.x.x.x.x (ISP1)

Secondary Edge Rotuer

    route: 12.y.y.y (ISP2)

Core Router


Router Diagram

each router is also advertising it's direct /29 connection to each ISP via OSPF to the core. 

currently if one if the ISPs is down i have to manually change the static route in the core to point to the other router.  I'm sures there is a better (automatic) way of switching between edge routers but haven't been able to figure it out yet.