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Routing IPX on 8212

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Routing IPX on 8212

I have migrated from a pair of HP 9304 switches to a pair of 8212 switches. I have a Novell server (5.0) that worked on the old swithches but have not been able to duplicate the configuration on the new ones. Looks like the 8212's do not support ipx routing between vlans. Is there an alternative as the original switches had ipx configured on a number of vlans and we still need this server? Below is part of the config on the 9300 and what I though would work on the 8212's but the server cannot connect to NDS.


Config for old 9304 Switch


router ipx


vlan 226 name Novell-Netreg by port

tagged ethe 1/5 to 1/8 ethe 2/5 to 2/6

router-interface ve 226


interface ve 226

port-name Novell_Servers

ip address

ipx net 00000226 ethernet_802.2 netbios-allow



Config for new 8212 Switch


vlan 226

   name "Novell-Netreg"

   tagged C13,D7-D8,Trk1

   protocol IPX,NetBEUI

   ip address






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Re: Routing IPX on 8212

no luck for you I am afraid, there is no IPX routing on any Procurve switch ...


As you did in the config, you can assign the IPX traffic to a dedicated vlan, to isolate it from the IP traffic, but there is no routing available.

Only the comware routers (not switches) support IPX routing I am afraid.


So your 9304 may be staying around a bit longer than you expected for this IPX routing ...


Best regards,Peter