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Routing Policy on Layer 3 S5500

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Routing Policy on Layer 3 S5500

I'm having trouble with a routing policy.

I have a H3C S5500 Layer 3 switch setup as follows


vlan 1: /24

vlan 2: /24


static routes


I've only included the default route to simplify things. I want a routing policy that does this. If the packet is sent from, set the next hop to (instead of 1.6). If it is sent from any other address on the 192.168.0.x network, it should follow the default route.


This seems very easy, but I cannot get it to work.


Can anybody help?

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Re: Routing Policy on Layer 3 S5500

I dont know if this is really supported on A5500, but on A5800 it works like that:



acl number 2000
 rule 0 permit source 0

route-policy myOne permit node 10
 if-match acl 2000 
 apply ip-address next-hop


interface Vlan-interface2

 route-policy myOne






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