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Routing VLAN's and Networks


Routing VLAN's and Networks

I have got 2 switches setup with a trunk between the switches and RSTP enabled.


There are 2 VLANS on the switch and i have enabled IP routing on the switch.


I basically need to from VLAN 10 send mail traffic to VLAN 20 to a mail server via a Windows server connected on VLAN20. Is this possible or do i need to add a link from my switches to the core switches to be able to do this?


Re: Routing VLAN's and Networks



If your switch supports Routing, I don't see why not. What model switch are you using?Also, what is the default gateway on the servers?


For this to work and keeping traffic locally, your switches would need to be configured as Layer 3, meaning the VLANs you want to "route" would need to have configured IP addresses on them and IP routing enabled. Also, you might need to configure some static routes on your switch in order to reach the rest of your network.