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Routing between VLANs on 5500HI

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Routing between VLANs on 5500HI

We have 2 new 5500 HI switches that I have stacked via IRF.

I have setup VLANs 1mgt, 2 Phones, 5 SAN, etc and assigned IPs to each VLAN, eg

  • 1 -
  • 2 -
  • 3 -
  • etc

These 2, 5500 HI will be our core switches doing all the routing for our network and I will be connecting some 5130 stacks from other floors but wanted to get the routing working first. Should I be able to ping the interface addresses ( or from a client on VLAN 1 (


I am not clear now about the routing between VLANs, do I need to configure static routes or do I need to setup ACLs to permit the traffic, eg so client on VLAN 1 can ping VLAN 5 - or other clients on that VLAN or do I need to do both?




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Re: Routing between VLANs on 5500HI

I noticed that my vlan 2 was down (display interface brief) since there were no active clients/port in use. As soon as I turned on a client that was using a port from vlan 2 the pings would route from vlan 1 to vlan 2.

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Re: Routing between VLANs on 5500HI


1 - HP Switches do Vlans routing automatically by default.
2 - For the VLAN interface is UP is necessary a device that VLAN.

3 - The behavior that you mentioned in the second topic is right.