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Routing help on HP 5820

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Routing help on HP 5820

Hi, i need some help getting my routing right on HP5820.



Ip address: has an direct routing table 


My default route is to firewall)


I need to be routed to firewall)


Since VLAN10 needs to have ip address on interface, all traffic to is routed internally because my internal network is defined as I need the Hp5820 to route traffic to first. 


Any suggestions how to define this since routing for VLAN10 is added automatically with direct and preference 0 wich overrides my static route to with preference 1


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Re: Routing help on HP 5820



Because the sits within any traffic within vlan 10 looking for the address is layer 2 and so will not even look at your routing table.


What is this traffic? What is and why do you need it to go via the firewall first? How is it all physically connected?


Can you not set up an interface on the firewall within vlan 10?

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Re: Routing help on HP 5820

Thanks for your reply.


Our organisation is separated in two different locations. Each location with a firewall and established a link network between. This linknett is 

Location 1 has a new server nettwork in 10.20.20.x/22 and old server network in

Location 2 has a new server network in 10.30.20.x/22 and old server network in


Since either location 1 or 2 has interferring networks in the new ranges they routes between the firewalls over the link network.


The problem is that we need to trust domain controllers from location 2 new network domain controller against location 1 old network domain controller over the linknetwork.


I have defined the route on location 2 firewall and it routes the rquest to location 1 network.

The problem is that i am pretty new to HP5820 and need help solving how to get my request from location 2  servernetwork to go through 5820 and to the firewall.


My default route in 5820 is to my firewall ip.

I got VLAN10 with interface, so that will create a direct route in 5820.


How am i to get my request from location 2 to to go from HP5820 and to my firewall?


Really hope for some help on solving this.

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Re: Routing help on HP 5820

Hi ritzini,

If i'm understanding your configuration correctly, there's really no way to get this working correctly without eliminating the overlapping IP ranges. Even if you put the "correct" routing in your switch, all of the devices in will still attempt to connect to hosts in directly. So you would have to add an additional route to every device in to make it work. This is a great way to make your work day more painful than a trip to the dentist. :-) Change to or something like that, and get rid of the overlap.