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Routing using a multicast port and Vlans, is it possible?

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Routing using a multicast port and Vlans, is it possible?

Have a 5 switch setup. Main switch is a HP 4208 vl with 96 ports, 3 are 2810-24g, and another HP switch(maybe hp 2510 switch).


Main switch is setup using 4 vlans, numbered 2, 11, 12, and 13. IGMP is turned on in all Vlans.  IP Routing is turned on in the 4208 switch


Vlan 2 is connecting to HP 2510 switch with 1 port connecting and 48 ports in the Vlan of the 4208 Chassis and they are untagged and working fine.  IGMP is required for this to work and is turned on.


Vlan 11 has the rest of the ports on the 4208-vl network switch except one. ports are Untagged

1 port in the Vlan 11 is connecting to an HP secure router vpning to another location with HP secure router to one of the 2810-24g switches.  Routing though VPN tunnels is working fine.




The problems lies with the other 2 network switches connecting to the 4208-vl switch.  They are both at different locations. so if the 4208 is at location 1, 1 of the 2810-24g is at location 2, and the other one is at location 3.


Coming off of the 4208-vl switch at location 1 there is 1 cable connecting to a multicast port that broadcasts to both site 2 and 3, and at each site there is 1 port that only broadcasts to site 1. Sites 2 and 3 can not talk to each other directly.


i have configured the three ports to be untagged with vlan 12 and tagged with vlan 13.  site 2 the rest of the ports are configured with untagged for vlan 12, and site 3 the rest of the ports are untagged with vlan 13.  I have given different IPs for each switch so they each have their own IP for each subnet. Explanation of ips, the 4208 has .254 in each subnet. site 2 has .253 for its primary subnet/vlan and .252 for the secondary vlan, and site 3 has .253 for its primary and .252 for its secondary.


i can ping and view the switch at site 2 and 3 from site 1 using the primary ip for site 2 and secondary ip for site 3.  But the Vlan at site 3 isnt passing any of that traffic back to site 1.  from the switch i can ping the equipment attached to it.


How do i configure the switches to properly talk across the multicast port so that they can all talk though the main switch in site 1?