SSIDs and Vlans

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SSIDs and Vlans


I have inhertied a mess with my new position and I am not use to the HP vlan configuration yet. We have several Vlans, with 2 of those being tied to all our Meraki APs. I am trying to configure a replacement switch, I have setup the Vlans and have communication between the switches as far as ping etc.

I have tagged all the vlan traffic on the port my Merakis attach to and have tagged them to the Trk1 port I created for cumminication between switches. If you connect to the first SSid you will receive a DHCP address this SSId does not have a Vlan tagged on it, but if I connect to the other two Vlans each with a seperat Vlan ID I will not recieve a IP.

The way the network is configured we put in the gateway address of our core switch and on the core switch the Ip-helper address  are configured for one of our Vlans, and the other one does not have a ip-helper but the tag is supposed to take it to its own server that hands out a address for our "Public" wireless.

I should mentions this configuration is working for about 7 other sites that were already in place so I am misconfiguring something, just not sure what?

So since I have essentially the native vlan, and 2 other vlans flowing through one port from the Merakis should I have that port tagged for all? Any ideas on what I can try to make it receive the other DHCP addresses?

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Re: SSIDs and Vlans

I have a few ideas... not sure if they're relevant to you however.

Does the wifi controller hand out the DHCP? If not, then I think you would need ip helper address on the VLAN regardless of the tagging set on the switch.

Is the VLAN routed or does it stretch across multiple sites? f it's stretched, perhaps you've missed the tagging of an uplink which must match on both switches for a layer 2 network to see the rest of the network.

Last thing you could try is set a port to untagged on the SSID vlan and plug in a pc to see if it gets a DHCP address (that is if DHCP isn't the wifi controllers job).

Hope this helps.