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STP - 2 switch scenario

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STP - 2 switch scenario

Greetings everyone. Hope everyone's well.

I'm wondering if someone could answer this question about Spanning Tree Protocol on this scenario.

I have 2 switches on my network 

1 - HP 1920S 48G 4SFP Switch JL382A
2 - HP V1910-24G Switch JE006A

I set up the 48 Gigabit port Switch as root bridge, and only this switch has RSTP active.

The network map is simple, 1 router mikrotik (with bridge functions) and the other HP switch (24 gigabit port) both devices connected to the HP 48 Gigabit switch.

Now, should only the root bridge have RSTP enabled?  Or...

Should all capable devices have RSTP enabled too?

Any hint would be nicely welcome.


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Re: STP - 2 switch scenario

Enable RSTP everywhere, as an exercise in risk mitigation.

The topology you are proposing includes no loops, so RSTP should be running, and doing nothing.

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Re: STP - 2 switch scenario

Thank you a lot for for your quick response Vince-Whirlwind. I really appreciate it.