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Re: Separating Test Environment


Separating Test Environment

Currently using PRoCurve E5412


As I am implemeting a test environment I see myslef looking for complete separation from our production.

I am looking to get some logical support.

Currently the only configuration I have made are through the VLAN configs.

I have untagged to ProCurve interfaces: A12 and C12.

And made sure all other VLAN configs do not unclude these;  A12 and C12.

But I am able to still ping the production network.


What should I be looking at to complete this separation?


Forgot to mention that this is behind a watchguard firewall >  Just mentioned firewall for logical help.

I would like to put the load on the HP Procurve and not the firewall unless the firewall is needed.



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Re: Separating Test Environment

Please list an output of the port/vlan membership so we can figure out the VLAN configuration of the switch. Also please specify what IP addresses you are using for the test environment and what addresses for the production LAN.

Re: Separating Test Environment

Thank you for the response.

However the issue has been sovled.







Re: Separating Test Environment

I would like to re-open this ticket.


I was able to get separation via ACL.

Clients cannot ping each other across production network and test network, visa versa.


Although clients can ping ip addresses assigned to VLANS across networks (Gateways).


Static routing is what I am going to look at next, as this is what is used.

Current static routing is a null route


Any advice would be good.


thanks,  >