Setting up VLANs

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Setting up VLANs

I'm after a tutorial or guide which will help me setup some VLANs. I have a 5412zl which I would like to be my default gateway (the DG is currently my broadband router), and a couple of outlaying 2920-48G switches connected via fibre to the 5412zl. The Internet router is plugged in to the 5412zl. I want to setup some VLANs to isolate traffic, but want everything to access the Internet. I'd like my AD server to issue the IP addresses to all the VLANs. I've been told I should give each of my VLANs an IP address, each with a subnet mask of I can find lots of information in different places, and I'm getting confused when I try and pull it all together. Does anyone know of a guide or good book which would take me through this please? Most guides I can find on the Internet assume you're using Cisco kit.

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Re: Setting up VLANs

First, you need to make a network diagram for yourself, where you note all your hardware and mark on it the switchport IDs of all the ports used to connect it all together.

Then you need a design/plan. You will include your VLAN and IP addressing, eg,

VLAN90 Management

For each VLAN/subnet, the .1 address can be the router/default gateway address.

On the 5412, you create each VLAN, then assign the correct IP address to that VLAN's interface.
Then you add the correct VLANs (all tagged) to the uplink ports going to the correct switch, eg,
uplink port to SW1 you add VLAN11, 21, 90
uplink port to SW2 you add VLAN12, 22, 90
uplink port to SW3 you add VLAN13, 23, 90
On each Access switch, you create that switch's VLANs
- give it an IP address on its VLAN90 interface
- add its VLANs to its uplink ports connecting it to the 5412
- give the switch a default gateway of

Then you put VLAN80 (untagged) on the 5412 uplink port to your WAN router.
 - give the 5412 a default route -->

Your WAN router will need on it, as well as routes for all the internal subnets you have created, pointing at