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Simultaneous Static Routing and OSPF

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Simultaneous Static Routing and OSPF



We have a 5406zl that has an uplink to an Extreme x670 using fiber. They are on two different subnets (10.100/16 and 10.1/16). Right now we're using vlans and static routing to get from one switch to the other, but I feel like the more robust solution would be using a routing protocol like OSPF. 


My question is, can I set up OSPF for a single subnet/route, and leave the other existing static routes alone to try it out? I have created a new subnet in the 172.16.1/24 range on the Extreme side, and have devices on that network that I would like to be able to contact from devices in the 10.100/16 range. Can I set up an OSPF that only affects the 10.100/16 network when it's trying to talk to 172.16, while leaving the static routes I have set for the 10.100 alone so as not to break what's currently running?