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Spanning Tree Protocol

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Spanning Tree Protocol

Hi Guys,


I have three HP Procurve switches 2915 and I'm trying to perform ring topology between the three of them. I have done most of the work i'm just missing little thing and i would appreciate if you guys can look at the configuration for the three switches. attached and tell me how to fix my issue.


your help much appreciated

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Re: Spanning Tree Protocol

The first problem is this: you don't tell us what your issue is!


I assume that,

Switch1, port 10 patches to Switch2, port9.

Switch2, port 10 patches to Switch3, port9.

Switch3, port 10 patches to Switch1, port9.


The first thing that stands out is that,

On Switch1, VLAN1 should really be VLAN10

On Switch2, VLAN1 should really be VLAN20

On Switch3, VLAN1 should really be VLAN30


Unless there is some interesting reason why you are bridging each of your VLANs, 10-30, to the VLAN1 on one of its neigthbour switches.


So, you have 3 networks. All 3 switches are routing. Each switch is connected in 2 networks. Each switch has a static route pointing at 1 neighbour for the 3rd network, and a default route pointing the other way.


I'm not sure I really understand this. Are there any other networks that are relevant? I suspect there must be a WAN or something, at the very least. I'd say having two defaults routes pointing in opposite directions around your ring might cover your routing requirements a bit better.

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Re: Spanning Tree Protocol

I just realise - the "issue" is in your title. "Spanning-tree".


I don't see where spanning-tree comes into your design, seeing as the 3 switches are all routing, and you have no layer-2 loops.

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Re: Spanning Tree Protocol

I would appreciate any help you could provide me with.

What i'm really looking for is I wana perform ring topology between the three swutches.


I want to be able to ping from both and and viceversa.


I tired every single option. I have used vlans I have used ip route. I'm not really familiar with HP layer three switches at all.


If you can change the configuration for me so i can perform what I need I would be very thankful for you.


with the current confiuration I have posted I can only ping from and ips in the other ranges. don't worry about the configuration it may be wrong.


Thanks again