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Static route not routing to gateway

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Static route not routing to gateway

I have 3 networks (,, and connected via a layer 3 switch. 

Connections from and between the and networks work as expected. And I can ping the interface from the other 2 networks.

The gateway from to the other 2 networks is

When running a tracert from to either of the other 2 networks, The ping goes to the default gateway ( and then to, then it either goes back to or it times out.! The gateway never shows up in the trace.

The address is a ubiquiti nanobeam wireless radio. The data does have to go through that device (and 3 other radios) to reach,, but it is in bridge mode so it should just pass the data and not act on it.

In the arp tables, the and (as well as several other IP addresses) have the same MAC address.

I tried changing the nanobeams IP address .107 to .220. The tracert goes to .220 then.

I tried changing the gateway from .252 to .242. No change in the tracert and .242 has the same MAC address, too..

I've run long pings to make sure nothing else is on

From the network I can get to the appropriate management inferfaces for the default gateway, the static gateway and the nanobeam 192.168.107. So, I think I'm hitting the right devices.

I tried replacing the switches in case there might be some old arp entries in them.

I've checked the DNS and DHCP servers in case there might be some weird entries there.

I've never seen anything like this. 

Any help would be appreciated.


Re: Static route not routing to gateway


Can you please share topology/network diagram?
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Re: Static route not routing to gateway

Hi @KenEisman, besides what it was asked by @akg7 by reading your very first sentence:

@KenEisman wrote: I have 3 networks (,, and connected via a layer 3 switch.

a essential question could also be: is that Layer 3 Switch acting as a directly connected router for listed VLANs?

In other terms: those three networks are defined on that Layer 3 Switch (each Network = VLAN and each VLAN has an IP Address - the SVI - on that Switch) and that Switch has IPv4 Routing enabled?

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