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Switch 5500 external routing rule

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Switch 5500 external routing rule

Hi All,

I just finished setting up a switch and I have two VLAN and a layer 3 port with an external IP

VLAN 1 : , VLAN Interface IP :

VLAN 2 : , VLAN Interface IP :

Layer 3 port (interface 1/0/48) : /24

I added a static route as following mask next-hope using interface 1/0/48

All the default route that switch add is already available.

I connected two laptops one for each VLAN

1) I can ping from both laptops to and

2) I can ping to

But I cannot ping to from the laptop but when I ping from the switch I can ping to I'm sure I have missed something or configured something wrong on my routing.

Any help is much appreciated.


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Re: Switch 5500 external routing rule

Can you show the route table on device?   This device must know how to route back packets.