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Trunk Port OfficeConnect 1920s JL382A

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Trunk Port OfficeConnect 1920s JL382A

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I'm having a problem with the 1920s switch, I'm not able to configure the trunk port to deliver all VLANS, it can only deliver the VLAN that's configured the PVID on the TRK1 port, the switch that connects to the 1920s is the Edge-Core ECS4610-50T


Re: Trunk Port OfficeConnect 1920s JL382A

I'm suspecting the port is not a trunk . Make it a trunk port tag and untagg properly , if the issue still persists share screenshot of the config
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Re: Trunk Port OfficeConnect 1920s JL382A

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I have never used this switch, and for research it also has no interface via the command line.

To create a trunk port, does not it just bind to the port on TRK1?

In my case I own 5 Vlan's.

VLAN 10 - Servers

VLAN 20 - Desktops

VLAN 30 - Corporate Wi-Fi

VLAN 40 - Printers

VLAN 50 - Wi-Fi Visitors

My port is marked on the VLAN, 10,20,30,40,50 and unchecked on VLAN 1 A port I set up to be a trunk is a port 48. As they relate, all VLANs are available, however, a VLAN that is configured on the PVID of the trunk runs.