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Trunks/VLANs Question

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Trunks/VLANs Question

I am very new to HP Networking.  I'm a Cisco CCNP, and that's where I've worked for the last 12 years.  I happened to be a part of a group that is working on a acquisition.  This acquisition is an HP shop.  They use H3C's, and other HP gear.  So here is my question.  In the Cisco world, you have an access port, that allows a VLAN to go through.  You have a trunk port that allows all VLANs to go through it.  In the HP world, I see that you have ports that can be tagged, untagged, or trunked.  So if a port is an access port (untagged), but is tagged in another VLAN, does that mean that it can also carry another VLAN, and not just its native?  So for instance, if I have port B13, that's in VLAN 1, but is tagged in VLAN50, it will carry VLAN's 1 and 50, at L2, without having to use some L3 router to pass the traffic?  I'm assuming HP trunks are the same as Cisco trunks in that they allow all VLANs to pass through them if you don't specify an allowed list.  If someone could clear this up for me, It would be much appreciated.  Thanks!

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Re: Trunks/VLANs Question

Hey there, I'm rather new to HP as well but my employer has recently switched to HP which has required me to study up.

Another name for vlan can be called "tag".  Quick comparison:

HP Untagged = Cisco Access
HP Tagged = Cisco Trunk
HP Trunk = LAG, LACP, EtherChannel etc

When we think of untagged port, we can imagine a packet entering the port without a tag.  We can also assume it will leave the port without a tag.  This is what cisco refers to as Access.

A tagged port generally will have tagged traffic entering the port and tagged traffic exiting the port.  The exception to this would be untagged traffic entering the port and being tagged the native vlan.   This is what cisco refers to as Trunk.

A trunk in the HP world isn’t related to vlans/tagging but rather link aggregation.

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Re: Trunks/VLANs Question

Hi !

Comware there three types of ports:

Access (Untagged): Doors which connect Desktops & Servers. The door travels only 1 vlan access.

Trunk (Tagged): UPLINK doors with switches or Access Point for example. The door travels only one VLAN access (untagged) and one or more tagged VLANs

Hybrid: Allows 0 or more VLANs untagged and 0 or more VLANs tagged. VOIP telephone port for example.