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Unable to ping to other VLAN Subnet

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Unable to ping to other VLAN Subnet

Hey there,

woudl be grateful if anyone can advice on the problem I'm facing on this unable to ping other VLAN subnet.

I have a VLAN subnet 121 range for my office DHCP VLAN id: 2

Recent setup new VLAN id: 6 ;I  put the subnet as 161 range directly connected from my firewall interface and plugin to one of ports in the coreswitch. My coreswitch created VLAN and labelled as 161.1

So when I configured new VLAN to other switches till the last switch which I needed to the port of VLAN ID: 6.

I could obtain the IP address 161 range from firewall Interface and able to access Internet when plugged in to the port of 161 on other switch..

Problem surfaced when I connected my laptop under 121 range port and able to ping 161.1 range. However, I couldnt ping 161.20 grabbed by our WiFi AP and so my WIFi controller at VLAN:1 under 123 range not able to detect it.

From this case, any solution can help to detect the WiFi AP unit which supposedly to grab 161 range?

Something to do with routing allows my 121 range to detect 161 range as both VLAN are configured in my coreswitch.  


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Re: Unable to ping to other VLAN Subnet

You need to decide whether your switch or your firewall is routing for each subnet.

You don't say what your default gateways are on your hosts, nor what IP addressing is on your firewall so we have no way of knowing how your routing is actually working at the moment.

You should make yourself a network design before implementing any changes. Your design needs to consider where your routing is occurring, and it should be sound, ie, you don't want asymmetric routing caused by having multiple Layer3 devices in the same segment.