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Re: V1910 configure multiple links to each site

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V1910 configure multiple links to each site

We have one central server with multiple remote sites. All the sites as well as the server have a HP 1910 switches.

The problem I sit with is that there is a wireless radio network and a fibre network running to the remote site. The two networks work perfect if they are run separate from each other. Meaning if I only connect the fibre at Site1 or just the wireless at site 1 the connection is fine. If however we connect both the fibre and radio to any one site the entire network starts to fail.

The reason we need both is because the client required an automatic fail over.

All the equipment on the network including the radio and switch equipment are all on the same ip range. Eg mask

I have confirmed that there are no IP clashes. Have also attached a drawing to give a physical representation. The drawing only has 4 sites while in reality we have a few more. All communication is initiated on the server side if that helps.

The red dashes are wireless radio links and the highlighted green is the fibre.

Would appreciate it if someone could point me in the direction of a solution(s)

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Re: V1910 configure multiple links to each site

Have you enabled spanning-tree?

Did you set your "core" 1910 with a spanning-tree priority of 1(4K) or 2(8k)?

Did you set your daisy-chain-supporting switches (eg SiteD) with a priority of 6(24K)?

Did you set each switch's Wifi link with a lower port priority?